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Yep, Complex Stuff

Database design illustration.  Four computer boxes stacked in a cube pattern.

Databases are the engines that manage your data. Yep, the complex stuff behind-the-scenes. Most of us don't realize the complexity of database design and architecture and that software applications will stand or fall with how well the database is designed and implemented.

In this digital day and age, we know that data is every company's key asset. No company can operate without it. Critical to the success of your business is having a database based on a solid database architecture and design - one that is implemented the right way. Databases not designed or implemented correctly create more problems than solutions and will eventually cost your organization valuable time and money.

As digital superheroes, this complex stuff is what we're good at.

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Experts in Database Design & Database Integrity

Kinetik IT believes that a database has two important functions:

  • »Provide for storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data
  • »Implementation of business rules

When being asked to take over work from prior vendors, we often see that these databases were unfortunately designed without the implementation of business rules. This lack thereof places a tremendous responsibility on any software developer to implement your company's business rules 100% accurately. In reality, this is not possible. The lack of proper database design causes a lack of data integrity with great consequences such as duplication of records, missing information (data), and orphaned records. Kinetik IT designs databases using primary keys, relationships, unique indexes, constraints, required fields and other objects. The end result is guaranteed data integrity.

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Sounds like we are bragging? That’s because we are! We jump in head first to help companies resolve their existing database challenges.

Our experienced team of Microsoft Certified Software and Database Developers create solid database solutions ranging from complete re-engineering or partial development of database information, from small single-user databases to large complex enterprise-wide databases for corporate use.

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Database Technologies

  • »Microsoft Access
  • »Microsoft SQL Server
  • »Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • »Microsoft Exchange
  • »Database Integration with Excel

Microsoft Access ADP Has Been Deprecated

A tech alert! Microsoft Access ADP (Access Data Project) will no longer be supported with Office 2013. Kinetik IT has assisted our clients with choosing the best conversion option:

  • »Create an ACCDB with linked tables over ODBC
  • »Using pass-through queries to optimize performance
  • »Rewriting Access database applications using Microsoft .NET technology such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Microsoft Access MDB and ACCDB continue to be fully supported.