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Web Portals have a variety of purposes and frequently get mixed up with the regular static websites. There is a difference. A web portal is a main entry point to share information in a secured way using the internet.

Depending on your business model, a web portal might be just the thing you need. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Make it happen for your people and customers. Get a web portal and streamline how you do business. Provide your people or your clients with the information they need, all in one convenient place.

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Being the digital superheroes that we are, we get excited by the idea of designing and developing intuitive web portals. We love the opportunity to flex our digital muscles in the skills we have mastered such as modern aesthetics, web apps development and database design. Always with the user in mind, we create attractive and easy to use secure dashboards that can be accessed on any mobile device.

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Web Portal Development Process

define web portal goals + purpose

develop layout design UI

implement the application
write the code


consider using CMS

define database architecture


3rd party components integration

define database requirements

test, debug, fine tune & final modifications

web portal launch

Web Portal Technologies

  • »Visual Studio
  • »VB.NET (Visual Basic.NET)
  • »C# (C-Sharp)
  • »ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET)
  • »Ajax
  • »JavaScript/jQuery
  • »Silverlight
  • »ActiveX
  • »Bootstrap
  • »Microsoft Access
  • »Microsoft SQL Server
  • »Microsoft SQL Reporting
  • »Reporting using Excel
  • »User Interface Design
  • »Contextual Design